Graduate Development Programme is an internship scheme. We are addressing this opportunity to the students and recent graduates. It was conceived to enable talented students to gain experience in healthcare communication and raise their awareness of pharmaceutical industry. The programme consists of 2 stages:
The first stage lasts up to 3 months. It involves predominantly the students who are completing their master degree (4th and 5th year). The participants take part in the ongoing projects in the office and are given personalized tasks.
The next stage is limited to the promising interns whose performance (during their initial placement) we will evaluate as outstanding. Those will be offered a one-year programme of professional development. They will be familiarized with the work within various departments and will lead their own, comprehensive projects.
After having completed the internship, the best graduates will be given an offer to join HealthWay on a full-time basis. Alternatively, they will be given recommendations to work in the partner companies within the network.
Information available from 10th January 2015.