Graduate Development Programme


Recruitment is a continuous process within our growing company. This means that we welcome applications on a regular basis and expect the applicants to take genuine initiative while. As long as HealthWay is the right place for you and you are the right person to suport our team, do not hesitate to apply. A typical recruitment process consists of 5 stages:
1. Application materials
Most applications are turned down precisely at the very begining. If you want to capture our attention, try to clarify the reasons behind your interest in our company. Why do you wish to work in HealthWay? What makes you distinguished from other candidates?
Please, bear in mind that your documentation is the only source of impression we would get of you so far. That is why we cannot stress enough the importance of having your application worked out in terms of its content and presentation.
2. We examine whether your curriculum matches our expectations.
This stage is formal and enables us to select the applicants who are the closest to the standards we have agreed on as a team. Besides your experience, education and command of foreign languages, we are curious of your interests.
3. Invitation for an interview.
Invitation is a sign of our interest in having you on board. During the first meeting we try to find out more about you and clarify some points of your application. What is crucial for us while forming the feedback on your performance is whether you share the values of our team. Remember that it is as much our opportunity to get to know you as yours to get the idea of our company. That is why we encourage you to ask questions.
4. At this stage we ask you to complete a sample of work that we normally do in HealthWay.
We want you to face a practical problem in order to see if you are comfortable with this kind of and able to communicate with coworkers. You will be given a week to come up with your solutions.
5. Negotiating the terms of cooperation.
Once you are accepted as a member of our team, you will be invited to disscuss conditions of your employment.